Gay basketball player excluded from yearbook – is this an act of discrimination?

A high school basketball player who is openly gay was omitted from a yearbook team tribute. This initially local story is now getting national attention, with a story in SB Nation (a blog). This is the latest incident in a long line of alleged harassment for the basketball player who is openly gay.

Dalton Maldonado, Betsy Layne High School’s basketball team’s star point guard in Kentucky, is the only senior player on the team to be left out.

Many people and blogs have rallied behind him, labeling his treatment as being quite disgusting. The head teacher Cassandra Akers and her teaching staff will need to answer questions about Maldonado’s exclusion from the yearbook, which is an important part of the high school experience. But Dalton Maldonado now has support at the national level, with many of the people leaving messages of encouragement for him on his Facebook wall.

In the meantime, Maldonado plans to study at the University of Louisville in September.

Both the Fayette and Floyd County schools say there’s been an internal investigation and it’s been found out that there was unsportsmanlike conduct, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Let us hope that the level of attention that this story has garnered will make any head teachers or teachers responsible for the yearbook think twice about excluding any students for any discriminatory reasons.

There really is no place for any type of discrimination in schools and it must be stamped out with force if ever it appears. After all, we wouldn’t allow yearbook discrimination for reasons of color (and rightly so), or sexual orientation.


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