Kristaps Porzingis not happy with Phil Jackson’s comparison

The New York Knicks president Phil Jackson has compared Kristaps Porzingis to Shawn Bradley, prompting Porzingis to deny the comparison.

The No. 4 overall in the 2015 NBA Draft, Kristaps Porzingis took the comparison as motivation to out play the former Dallas Mavericks center Shawn Bradley.

Bradley, who was the the 1993 NBA Draft’s No. 2 overall pick in, failed to make any great impact on the NBA. Jackson has recently asked aloud if the 7-foot-6 center has been “too tall” for the NBA, due to the fact that he lacked the strength to bang bodies with opponents of the bottom.

Addresssing Jackson’s concerns, Porzingis has prioritized his weight and strength training during the summer. He is lifting weights twice a day between on-court workouts and eating at least 5,000 calories per day. The rookie, who weighed 230 pounds during the project, has added another 11 pounds and is aiming to gain a further four pounds before training camp.

“For now, I’m a (power forward) for sure because of the defense,” Porzingis stated. “I’ve got to be able to hold those (centers). So that’s the main thing. Once I get stronger, I’ll be able to play (center). Offensively, I can play both positions. At (center), I’ll be way quicker than the defender. So I’ll get stronger and gain more weight, if I want to play (center).”

The comparison may actually work well for Porzingis, especially if it will improve his game.

Who knows, maybe like Kiah Stokes he’ll be able to break records too.


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