Can you believe this? John Polanyi Collegiate Institute’s Ahmed Ali scores 103 points

Canadian high school superstar Ahmed Ali who is a senior basketball player at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute has managed to score 103 points in a game, recording one of the greatest three-point shooting performances ever recorded in high school basketball history.

His personal score actually exceeded the entire opposing team, C. W. Jefferys. The final score ended up being 111-76.

“I knew it was going to be a special night,” the 18-year-old told CTV News Channel Friday, although at the start of the game there is no way that he could have realized just how special it was going to turn out to be.

According to Sahibzada, he shot about 50-60% from the field for the game. About 70% of Ali’s points were scored from 23 three-pointers — baskets sunk by the three-point line, an arc that surrounds the basket which is about six meters from the net to the centre at high school level.

It is clear that his ability to deliver this sort of performance means that Ali has serious range from deep and they definitely have a lot of schools that are searching the house for his scoring ability. It is not every day that someone has the ability to drop 100 points in a single high school game, but when it happens, you know that something special has happened.

One of the great things that you can say about high school basketball is that you get the same glass-shattering dunks and big score games that happen in college and pro at the high school level.


One comment

  1. James Morrison · December 21, 2015

    Whoa! That’s some record. He sounds like an awesome player, too.


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